Monte & Kelly

May 25, 2008

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I was introduced to Monte A. Jones, over the phone. My sweet Filipina nurse had been trying to set me up for months. "Dr. Elmore, you have a phone call," she says. I looked at her, skeptically out of my right eye and saw her little smirk. What is she up to now, I thought. "Dr. Elmore," I said in my most professional but I am busy voice. "Monte Jones," he said with same quick reply. His deep voice intrigued me. With a smile I said, "Hi, I am Kelly Elmore, I am busy right now but here's my email and phone number. Call me. Have a good day. We played phone tag for a couple of weeks and then it began. The first time I saw him, he got me. 6ft. dark skinned. Thick in the thighs, Nice in the back (TINTA), and a smile with dimples, oh I can't forget that cute lil' gap in his teeth.

The 1st outing I kept saying, "this is not a date!- P.F. Chang's (my favorite)." We sat at the bar and had a great conversation. Everything about him screamed- "I am a MAN, the Man you have been praying for!" Short phone interactions, led to long phone conversations, working out daily in the gym, attending Bethel AME every Sunday, and numerous dates, not to mention he was always dropping me off at the airport for a trip with the girls or a wedding!!! Two years later, I was graduating. He had been there for the ups and downs, late call nights and early surgery mornings, picking me up from work so I would not fall asleep on the way home, bringing me dinner because he knew I had not eaten, and inviting me to church every Sunday.

June 22, 2007 we became official and the culmination of a lot of hard work, endless hours of meditation and prayer and fasting.  After a week of studying for the boards and preparing my research presentation, On the day of my residency graduation, Mr. Jones, wearing hints of the color representing power and I, in my Navy whites, looked at me and said, Kelly Oberia Elmore will you marry me?" Could a sista say yes fast enough? Of course. He took my hand, looked into my eyes and said with that sexy smile, "You look beautiful and you are going to do great today."  Needless to say, I did do great with my mom, dad, Betty, Monte and my friends and colleagues to support me as they always have. The day was awesome. The official, but SUBTLE, announcement was made by email and at our end of the year reception. We accepted the congratulations graciously. However, I knew my little email meant my friends were not going to be satisfied with no information-

Hey like a Stealth- I just like to drop BOMBS!!!

The weekend of July 7, 2007 was a busy one. Two weddings in two different cities but I had the chance to speak with my line sisters and friends face to face. Did I get the 20th degree? Uh yeah. But it was no different than I have done to all of you:)!!!The weekend was great. The night before I was to return home I got a text. "Are you packed and ready to go?- monte" "yes, can' wait to see you, I arrive 0930. Luv u-kelly"  U know me, always the first flight out! Now you know why!

 Monte looking handsome as always in his suit & tie picked me up with a lil' kiss on the cheek. He was acting kind of cool, like he had something on his mind. I ignored it and just keep gabbing about the weekend and the weddings and all my friends he can't keep track of. We walked in the condo and I mention how great the floors look, the kitchen is spotless, and oh you put up that lamp too, everything looks so nice. As I am hanging up clothes in the closet and still talking he says, "Look at these pair of jeans I just
 bought." I turn around but he wasn't wearing any jeans.... He was holding my BLING!!! He said, "You like'em?" I said, "Yes." He said, "For real, will you marry me!!"

And the rest is....Happily Ever After..







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